Awkward Interview Indeed – Cara Delevingne In “Good Day Sacramento” Talk Show

Get Beauty Of Cara DelevingnePhoto by thomasrichards3

Not a very pleasant interview in the USA morning talk show “Good Day Sacramento” for Cara Delevingne. So much unpleasant that it was cut short by the hosts. Even though she was not in the happiest mood three hosts pushed it too far.

The interview was cut short when they told young actress to “go and take nap”. It started with introduction of Clara Delevingne (they could at least pronounce her name right). The next question was has she bothered to read the book at all, which provoked Cara to be really sarcastic with answer: “Uh, no I never read the book, or the script.

I kind of winged it,” but then she explained that she did read the book and praised the author John Green. Then the questioning continued about her busy schedule, how she is managing it all and does that help her to stay focused. Cara was all “what kind of question is that” and talked about how that was her dream job and how she enjoys it very much. For those who don’t know she was a model first and then became actress.

The model/actress was already very irritated when the same lady asked her about Margo, the character she plays in the movie. She wanted to know how the actress feels about her and do they have things in common. Again Delevingne ironically answered: “No, I actually hate her.” After that she answered properly explaining about connection between her and Margo. Awkward exchange kept going, they told her that she does not look excited enough and asked her if she is just exhausted.

“The premiere was last night,” Cara replied. “It was a very emotional night, felt like the end of an era. But I’m not any less excited than I was a couple of weeks ago.” “You do seem a bit irritated. Perhaps it’s just us,” provocations continued. “Yes, perhaps it is just you,” and so did hostile answers. “We’ll let you go then, how ’bout that?” one of the host said. “Why don’t you go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull?”


After that she was cut out from the interview. Even though actress wasn’t in her best mood the anchors really took it too far. You have to be polite to your guests in the show.