Australia Is Not Letting Chris Brown Enter The Country Unless He Fights For It

Chris Brown: Appears after Shooting FanPhoto by alishafox12889

The government of Australia has decided that Chris Brown is not allowed to enter the country to perform later this year. The reason is his past that includes domestic violence conviction. He’s been warned this Friday that this could happen, and it did.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton decided that he will deny him a visa because of his case with Rihanna back in 2009. He is been issued with a notice of intent to refuse him a visa and this means that he has 30 days to challenge the mentioned notice or he can withdraw application and cancel the tour.

Chris got this notice this Friday night and the tour should take place in December. When Brown got convicted for assaulting Rihanna and even threatening her to kill her, he got 5 years of probation, which was enough for Immigration Minister to forbid him from entering the country. Australian Migration Act states that everyone who is sentenced to 12 months of prison or probation can be refused a visa.

GetUp! is activist group that mounted campaign against Brown’s tour, saying it is not just about Chris but about all men in the industry who have been convicted for this type of crime, and in spite of it they still have successful careers.”This announcement sends a strong signal to Australians that the Federal Government are willing to show strong leadership on gendered violence and that they are prepared to condemn violence against women,” said Sally Rugg who is GetUp! campaigner.


Now Chriss has to present his case and prove to Australian government that he is suited for entering Australia and he has 28 days more to do so.”Decisions on whether a visa will or will not be issued are made after that timeframe and consideration of the material presented to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection,” Mr Dutton said.