Are We Seeing New Romance On The Way? Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Seen Together Second Time This Week

Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Dating Photos 2016 | Download HD PicPhoto by bip_america

Looks like new love affair is in sight. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are spending more and more time together, and they look like they are having really good time together. This Wednesday two of them were guests on Aleen Keshishian’s birthday party at Sunset Tower Hotel.

They were in the company of Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, his wife and many others. Orlando and Katy arrived together and Bloom acted like real gentleman, holding the door for his friend. They left the party together as well, in his car. We don’t know where they left afterwards.

Page Six insider said that new-couple-to-be acted very flirty: “Orlando and Katy had that new-relationship glow about them. They were cuddling and flirting with each other all night.” Other insider said: “Katy and Orlando were standing in the back of the party and were aggressively flirting before leaving together. He wouldn’t stop staring at her and she laid on the charm.” Last Saturday they went to Michael Kives’ birthday at his house in Los Angeles. On this party Reese Witherspoon and Arnold Schwarzenegger were also part of a small intimate party.


The first time people started to link two of them together was on the after party of Netflix Golden Globes awards last month. She smiled and looked like his charm really is working. Last time Bloom was linked with somebody was back in September when he was spotted with Chloe Bartoli who is stylist from L.A., while Katy spend some time with her ex prior to New Year’s Eve. Well, they are young, beautiful and free, we cannot see why they should not go trough with this.