Amber Rose flashes: Braless and Shameless


Her provocative style is well known, and we must say that we just love when indecently dressed Amber Rose appears in public. We won’t pretend we are disgusted with her look, like the rest of the public does.

Just two days ago, Amber Rose showed in public wearing see through leggings, exposing all her curves to the eye of the photo camera ( we don’t mind the cellulite, in the contrary ).

Amber was spotted leaving the dancing studio and shamelessly showed us her bottom! IF someone has something to say, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Yeah, she got a lot of critiques, but it seems Amber doesn’t care much about it. Neither do we!

Amber Rose curves


But that’s not all! In the next 24 hours, Amber showed us the rest – she published a photo on Instagram, wearing see through top which perfectly shows off her large breasts which stayed hidden on the paparazzi photo from the above.