9 Reasons Why Comparing Amber And Kim Is A Win-Win Extravaganza

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are very strange bed-felines, made by fate. Just how weird their connection is? Well, if you leave apart the apparent shuttling of dogged rapper Kayne West between the two leading ladies of the booty camp, you know them as birthday twins! Yup, they are born on the exact same day, year after year.

Metaphysically considering this, it does not even come surprising that Amber mimics Kim in similar photoshoots. After all, she is just being ‘herself’! Nevertheless, their comparison is kind of win-win, with Amber having more sympathy votes over alleged ‘home-breaker’ Kim. Read on for more brownie points!

DSC 0290Photo by Catherine Smith Studio

1. Is the shuttlecock even an issue

Okay, you shuttle with a cock (no puns), but it’s the players who count! If you want more of a hint, rapper Kayne West was previously engaged to Amber and now he is Kim’s.

Also, apparently Rose blamed the Kardashian for being the ‘home-breaker’. Now, some women, more experienced, may just refer the whole episode as a fight over nothing.

The only publicity West manages to get is by being engaged to any of these two girls, born on the same day! Understandably, this is an era of the man-less with all good men smiling somewhere probably. However, that does not mean you freely publicize a no-consequence to stardom for just being haggard by your side!


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