8 Most Shocking Hollywood Breakups

Happiness is such an elusive thing! The celebrities, with millions in bank balance, and starry looks define what happiness to their fans. In the complicated lives of people, the pairing of their favorite celebs tells fans that fairytales are real!

Then, the breakups happen.
Anne Hathaway (16)Photo by Illuminati Owl

1. The princess and the lying prince

The beautiful Anne Hathaway seemed to find her prince charming just as it was in the Princess Diaries. She met Raffaello Follieri, who was just perfect by her. It was a matchup of the dreamland, where the princess met her kingly beau, a financial rep from Vatican. In four years, Anne came to know the prince was the biggest fraud she ever met. She dumped him and just went on to become the White Queen of Wonderland. It was like five years ago, and Anne is now in a relationship with Adam Shulman.


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