8 Celebs Who Look Scary Without Make-up

Makeup is paradoxically transforming. While some celebs look like a pretty girl next door without makeup, many actually look pretty scary if they don’t wear it. Brave up tough hearts, for the next list of the top 8 shocking ‘no makeup’ looks.

The unrecognizable charmers of the list are:

Pamela AndersonPhoto by cvrcak1

1. Pamela Anderson

Did you ever see Pamela Anderson without her makeup? Pray to whoever you have faith in that you do not meet Pam without her makeup.

It is damn scary! Seriously! Her face looks ashen and her hairs matte. There is no golden lustre of the ultimate sex goddess!

Her hair has split ends, and it is not voluminous even. What happened to you Pam? Nothing actually, she is just without the image she carries. (Consider observing a moment of silence for the paparazzi who clicks around scary photos of celebs without makeup.)


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