7 Reasons Why we love Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianPhoto by Celebritypictures
Kim Kardashian, the most talked about reality television celebrity never ceases a chance to be in the headlines. Sometimes she makes news for the weirdest reasons like denying being the cause of smell on plane. Controversies and gossips always keep Kardashian Company, making her the talk of the town. So much so, her followers can never ignore Kardashian.
Keeping up with ‘the’ Kardashian, here are seven reasons to love Kim.

1. Kim’s Abundant Selfies

Nobody beats Kim at selfies. She shares numerous clicks with her fans, her dedicated dolls, and anyone else with a likeness for her, following on Instagram. She posts thousands of photos and shares many moments of her crazy rich lifestyle with the world. There are always scores of pictures coming from Kardashian. From clicking numerous random stills to showing her baby bump, Kim loves to snap and make the best use of the camera on her phone.


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  • Who is she?

  • happydieter

    she is a nice looking woman, very popular these days 🙂