7 Most Shocking Hollywood Divorces

Some celebrity couples are so perfect that they look like as if they dropped directly from heaven. However, some of these ‘made in heaven; celebrities stunned the world by announcing separation from their perfect match. Here is a list of 7 most shocking Hollywood celeb divorces.

Melanie Griffith e Antonio Banderas divorziano dopo 18 anni di matrimonioPhoto by HotGossipItalia

1. Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith were married for 18 years. They have a daughter together, Stella who is now 17 years old.

The couple filed for a divorce last month, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation.

Griffith had four marital splits before she married Antonio. This is her fourth divorce and Banderas’s second. Melanie married Don Johnson twice! Banderas was married to Ana Leza before he got ditched by Melanie.


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