7 Hottest NBA WAG’s

First things first, when you hear WAG, you obviously think of the wagging tail of a dog. Now, that is some real insulting chutzpah there! The following list of wives and girlfriends of NBA macho men would show you, it’s the reverse, as the players are crazy in their devotions to the women!

ADRIANNA- LIMA53Photo by Lorie Nicole

1. The sharp and sexy Adrianna Lima

She engaged with Serbian origin player Marko Jaric on 14th February 2009. Wait, isn’t that date familiar?

Well, it was a relationship that officially began on Valentine’s Day and the couple now has two daughters. The grey eyed model is a star by her own rights, appearing in both GQ and Vogue.

She also modeled for brands such as Louis Vuitton and Guess. Their relationship can easily be the best one so far in terms of stability. All the action in the field, everything he does is for the adrenaline rush to prove who the greatest man is. Simply put, he just wants to impress his wife and girlfriend or WAGs (without the insult).


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