7 Former Beauties And Seducers Who Can Not Quite Cope With The Age

Fat Actress Promos Kirstie Alley 26242407-2560-2116Photo by ranev700
Some celebrities were a real sensation when they appeared in the world of fame, as for sex appeal, or because of other talents. But not all of them stayed so attractive. These seven celebrities sparkled for a while in Hollywood heaven, but they are now only a pale shadows of what they were.

1) Kirstie Alley

In the eighties, Kirstie (63) was a great television star. Today, she almost doesn’t even look like herself. After many years of smoking and overeating, where she lost weight and put on weight and lost weight again, now she has at least 99 pounds more than she should. Although she does not look so good, she is trying to get rid of bad habits – she lost a considerable amount of weight and improved her health.


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