7 BS Facts About Miley Cyrus Everyone Thinks Are True

Okay, demystifying Miley Cyrus has to be a tough job simply because of her explosive personality. Many of her actions literally cause moral explosions in people who are kept by her Hannah Montana image. In fact, even the Hannah Montana ways were true, but life’s experiences taught her to stick her tongue out and twerk onstage at one of the most prestigious glam music events, the MTV VMA. She is a real girl with an attitude of rejecting all BS aimed at her, and she does that in sassy popstar style (with her tongue sticking out). Find below the ultimate list of seven outrageous wrong ideas everyone has about Miley.
Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana The MoviePhoto by mouka el nouna

1. Her portrayal of Hannah Montana was fake

This is perhaps the most common reason Miley haters state. They just cannot bear to see that cute, homely girl from HM turn to a wild sex thing right on stage, or while swerving on a wrecking ball with revealing costume. Come on people…wake up to reality! Hannah Montana was the character of a teenager in love with the fantasy of beautiful things in life.
Everyone knows how love relationships shatter, transforming a person. Her romance with Nick Jonas and the subsequent breakup was a major emotional turning point. She even went to the extent of dyeing her golden locks to a deep dark shade to cope with the depression. Hannah Montana changed to Miley Cyrus, but inwards she is still the loving, caring girl.


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  • AL

    No idea how i ended up in this part of the internet, but my god! I read three sentences into this article and had to bail for fear of my inner grammar Nazi and my love for written English being bulldozed into obscurity by the terrible writing. Please for all of humanities sake, make sure who ever wrote this never writes again!

    • Martin Wallace

      It;s also a refreshingly fact-free article. The graphics of this site made me think that this was a legitimate, if somewhat low-brow, celebrity website. However, this was clearly written by an adoring fan who seems to confuse the Miley in his or her head with a real person.