11 Female Celebs Who Have Aged Exceptionally Well

Aging is something that is inevitable but there are some women who do it better than others. These 12 women do it gracefully and with style. Some of them have good genes other try to live their life healthily, some combine these two things.

Halle Berry ImagePhoto by wallws36

1. Halle Berry

She is 48 and she could still pass as someone in her 30’s. Her complexion is flawless and the natural beauty is still there.

Her secrets are protecting her skin from the sun, not wearing makeup every day, a strict regime for her skincare and as she said she does not use any Anti-aging products.


She never had plastic surgery and she’s sticking to it despite to the pressure from all sides. For her aging is something natural and she thinks everybody should embrace it. For her, plastic surgery is something that changes you and she does not want to be somebody else.


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