10 Lessons We Learned from Nicki Minaj

Right now, as this article is being written, the next Rolling Stones cover with Nicki Minaj is all ready to hit the stands. Getting featured on a mag like Rolling Stones in itself says a lot about the appeal of a music star! She is super bold, daring, and even open to admit her most vulnerable secrets. Nicki Minaj totally rules whatever she does. Here are ten things you should not miss when trying to understand the powerful Nicki!

Nicki MinajPhoto by vestitoverde (christine jean chambers)

1. Being a good soul

The judgments of good and bad are confused at their best. What the moral brigade calls bad is what they would always devour. It is kind of twisted up there!

Like any other brave and bold female musician, Nicki has to bear up with people calling her trashy.

Well, not every girl sports a tattoo in Chinese that says “God is always by your side.” That says a lot. Heck, even the Magdalene of the Bible was called a whore! The truth is that a male dominated sexist world is mortally afraid of women choosing their sexual liberation! Get along with it! She cannot be tamed. She cannot be chained. She is Nicki!


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