10 Things You Did Not Know About Rihanna

Today there are millions of her fans around the world. Since we already know enough about her men and her songs, let’s check some not so ordinary facts about her life?

Rihanna (Before)Photo by LördTåy

1. She is the real pride of her hometown

Although wild RiRi, who was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, fills weekly newspaper gossip columns with her outrageous behavior, her compatriots just love the commercial she brought them.

With numerous hits that are on the tops of charts around the world, she is the only woman from Barbados, which won a Grammy award. Her hometown on Barbados in 2008, declared February 21 a national holiday, in honor to the famous singer. To thank them, but also due to the fact that a year earlier she became the face of Tourism of Barbados, Rihanna has held a free concert.


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