10 Most Shocking Celebrity Affairs

Having an affair, as raunchy as it seems, is in essence always complex. Emotions run wild, people break commitments, and who can blame them! They all have their reasons to indulge in the guilty pleasure, perhaps in a way of finding who they really want as their life partner. Check out a list of the 10 affairs that were shocking to say the least.
IMG_6457 "Hugh Grant"Photo by SpreePiX – Berlin

1. Hugh Grant and the hooker (no offense meant)

It happened long time ago, but people in the buzz never fail to remember how British actor Hugh Grant had been caught with a prostitute in Sunset Boulevard, LA.

It was in 1995, and the actor was having a relationship with model Elizabeth Hurley. Their raunchy night out in the car soon ran out of luck when LAPD approached the vehicle.

The lady of the story was Divine Brown who described the incident as a blessing, since she earned millions in selling the story.


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