10 Hottest Curvy Celebs

Their curves make a bold statement. Despite the frenzy to be skinny, these celebs don’t want to be thin. They are real women with curvy power claiming their positions in celebrity land. With their attitude, the ultimate list of top 10 curvy ladies give you reason to love the curves.

Drew Barrymore 1920 X1200Photo by Álbum Alameda Virtual

1. Drew Barrymore

The blonde diva of the Charlie’s Angels fame has always been curvy, and that is how she rocks and rolls. A strong woman which never follows the ideal size, Drew has been a confident inspiration to her fans.

Curves fit her perfectly, and like the women in Renaissance paintings, the beautiful Barrymore is easily the Venus of today’s times. Drew once said in an interview to Elle that she would rather be a few pounds heavier than to worry about gaining weight.


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